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Why Houses To Rent In Carshalton Are Ideal

It seems that more and more people around the UK are choosing to rent their home rather than buy it. There are a variety of reasons behind this, and whilst for some it may not seem ideal financially, for others renting is the perfect choice for them.

If you are one of these people, looking for houses to rent in Carshalton, then we have put together some of the main benefits to renting and why Carshalton might be the right area for you.

Why Rent?

It gives you flexibility - One of the biggest reasons for renting is because you need the flexibility it provides. Say you are moving due to a job or perhaps relocating to help out with your family. There is a good chance that you may not be staying in the area long term. Buying a house would mean that you are tied in and would need to sell if a move comes up, but renting is simply a case of giving notice in your tenancy agreement.

You don’t need a mortgage - You may find that you need to rent because you are struggling to secure a mortgage. A few years ago it seemed relatively easy to buy a house, especially thanks to minimal deposits. Now, however, you need to have a considerable deposit to put down in order to buy a property, something that means many people are unable to buy their property. People who are self-employed may also have difficulties in obtaining a mortgage, as this requires additional proof of earnings. Check out our top 8 expert tips when buying a house for more information.

There is minimal upkeep and maintenance cost - When you rent your home it is down to your landlord to arrange maintenance of the property. Whilst it is important to look after your home as if it was your own, any major repairs will need to be arranged by the landlord (and more importantly paid for by them too).

Why Rent In Carshalton?

So, if you think that renting in general might be the best idea for you, why not take a look at the houses to rent in Carshalton and the reasons behind making the area your home?

Carshalton is a perfect area to live in, especially being down to its location. Being part of outer London, it is close enough to the city to allow you to travel in for work, or fun for that matter, but allows you to live in a quiet almost rural setting. Carshalton has a quaint village feel in parts, but is also vibrant and cultured; with a real great mix of people all calling it their home. To see just some of the fun and interesting things to do in the area, take a look at our recent article on things to do in Carshalton.

Here at Silverman Black, we are experts in letting and buying throughout the entire Carshalton area; from apartments to houses. We cannot only give you a variety of options for your next home, but also give you advice and guidance on the process to rent in Surrey too. You can read more about our letting process for tenants right here on our website, and don’t forget to call us on 0208 773 2929 if you have any questions or want to see a full breakdown of our current offers.

01/08/16 By Simon Walsh
Tags: Rental Advice
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