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Why let your property through Silverman Black?

Here at Silverman Black, we understand that renting out your property is a worry! We believe that it is our role to take away as much of the stress and strain from our clients as possible when letting a house – achieving the desired result with the minimum drama!  


In order to achieve this when letting a property, we work within a fairly simple framework:


 1)      Valuation: It is vital from the outset that the let property is correctly priced on the market to attract good quality tenants. Your property will be valued by our experienced Managers, using the most up-to-date comparable evidence available – usually within your own road, but certainly within half a mile radius. This means that the advice which we aim to give you when letting a property will be accurate, current and reliable – not just a figure “plucked out of the air”.


2)     Marketing: Unlike some estate agents, we proactively market your property, preparing full details including floor plans, which are then emailed to our mailing list of prospective tenants. As with most things in life, if there is substantial interest, the “price goes up”! So our aim is to drive as much “footfall” through the property as possible to achieve the highest possible rental value and ensure the minimum of “void” periods when letting a house.

3)      Tenant Assessment: The key to a successful tenancy is simply to have a “good tenant” – who looks after the property, pays their rent on time and doesn’t cause any issues with the neighbours! To facilitate this, we “screen” our tenants rigorously, conducting background credit, previous landlord and employment checks to ensure that your tenant is made of “the right stuff”! 


4)      Contracts: Our tenancy contracts conform to all current Housing Act requirements, and give you the maximum protection from difficult tenants.


5)      On-going Advice: We are available at all times to give impartial advice on all matters regarding your property, whether we are acting on a Fully Managed basis or simply assisting you to find a tenant. When looking how to let your property, we always strongly advise clients to have the property professionally cleaned, can assist you with your obligations under the Gas Safety & Fire regulations and have access to a strong team of inventory clerks, who will ensure that your property is returned to you in the best possible condition, and negotiate recompense for you for any damage.


6)    Fees will apply - Details of these can be found in our Lettings Section.