Silverman Black
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Selling your property through Silverman Black

It is our intention to be a bit different from our competitors – based on our opinion that, for the most part, Vendors do not get the service that they deserve from their Estate Agents!


At Silverman Black, we never forget that “We work for You” and that, if we want to do business with you again in the future, or have you recommend our services to friends, family or work colleagues, we have to impress you!

To this end, we endeavour to provide all of our vendors a first class service based on traditional values but using the most cutting-edge, contemporary technologies & methodologies – whilst at the same time charging a competitive fee. 


After all, everybody deserves to get “good value for money” when selling a house.  


Why use Silverman Black?


1)      Five Years Local Experience: Although Silverman Black is still a relatively new name among the many estate agents in Carshalton High Street, please do not mistake this for a lack of experience! Boasting almost 35 years of Estate Agency experience, predominantly in South West London and North Surrey, Silverman Black is proud to employ mature sales staff with as much “life experience” as “sales expertise”.


2)      Direct Contact with the Owners: Unlike other Carshalton estate agents as a vendor with Silverman Black you will be furnished with the personal mobile phone numbers of our Director – giving you access to our business 24/7, 365 days a year. This means that we are fully accountable to our clients when we sell property and, as we never forget that we work for you, that the business continues to operate, even when the office is closed.


3)      Members of the Ombudsman Scheme: As is required of all Estate Agents, we are members of the Ombudsman Scheme, which affords you an additional avenue of complaint and redress, should we be unable to resolve any issues locally when selling a property.

The Best Deal in Town


At Silverman Black, we are always happy to negotiate our sole and multiple agency rates to secure your instructions.


Having said this, it is not our intention to be the "cheapest" agent in town - we believe in providing a great service for a competitive fee.


We think that the famous Texan Oil well firefighter, Red Adair, voiced this well when he said: “If you think that it’s expensive to employ a professional to do the job, wait until you’ve employed an amateur”!