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Our Moving House Checklist

Throughout your life you will encounter times of stress; this is particularly true when it comes to moving home. There are so many things to remember and at times you may feel a little overwhelmed with everything that you need to do.

Here at Silverman Black, we have put together this helpful moving house checklist to get you through the basic essentials of the moving process to help minimise stress.

  1. Have A Clear Out - When you move home, you can start by using it as an opportunity to have a sort through all of your belongings and decide which things really need to come with you and those things that don’t.
  2. Arrange A Moving Company - In Carshalton alone, there are a number of different moving companies that can help you to relocate all your belongings into your new home. Whilst arranging these types of services can be an added cost, having someone else take charge of transporting all the heavy goods and unloading them at the other end can leave you with the time and energy to concentrate on unpacking and arranging everything in your new home.
  3. Change Your Address - When you move home you will need to ensure that you have notified all the relevant companies of your new address. Banks, doctors, schools, work and utility companies are just some of the people that should be aware of your relocation. You can also speak to Royal Mail and ask them to forward all of your post to your new address for a set period of time. This will make sure that you don’t miss out on any post that arrives before the address change sets in.
  4. Make An Emergency Pack - There is one thing that most of us will want to unpack first when we get to our new home and that is the essentials. Teabags, sugar, mugs and of course the kettle. Rather than having to remember which box these vital items are in, why not create a box that is solely made up of those must-have items when you get to the other end? You may want to pop your phone charger, some snacks and cleaning products in this box so that you have everything you could need to hand.
  5. Think Of Your Pets - If you have pets, then moving home can be stressful for them too, so work out what is best for them before you start to move. Perhaps you have a friend or family member who can look after them at theirs for a day or so whilst you move and settle in, or alternatively you could book them into a kennel or cattery to make sure they are safe whilst you are away from your old home.

Let Silverman Black Help

We hope you find this moving house checklist useful, but remember we are here to help during every stage of your moving process with us. Knowing the correct way on how to sell your house is where we can help more than any other Carshalton estate agent.

Call our team today on 0208 773 2929 or via our contact form and speak to our friendly advisors about our unbeatable deals and selling process.

01/04/16 By Simon Walsh
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