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Tips From National Security Month

October was National Home Security Month (NHSM) and although it is now coming to an end, yet again it has highlighted the steps property homeowners should be taking to help keep their properties and possessions secure.

NHSM is an annual initiative that is sponsored by Yale. It aims to make us Brits consider the way we keep our possessions safe by generating awareness around the importance of home security, offering helpful hints and tips.

The Awareness month coincides with the clocks changing, and according to insurance firm Aviva there is often an increase in burglaries at this time of year due to the darker evenings. This means now is an especially good time to start thinking about the extra security measures that need to be taken.

Home Security Advice

As well as general advice on improving home security, as part of this year’s campaign there were four main areas of focus. These included:

  • Securing doors and windows
  • Locking sheds and outbuildings
  • Keeping valuables safe
  • The future of security

Securing Entry Points

The importance of keeping doors and windows secure cannot be stressed enough. One useful tip every homeowner can follow is to make sure that any locks used to secure their property is made in line with British standards. It is also a good idea to check the history of keys, especially if they have been used by previous tenants.

Protecting The Property

Another area of focus was protecting the property from burglaries. During the campaign, the importance of fitting a burglar alarm was stressed as these give the homeowner a greater sense of security, and a burglar alarm can serve as an important deterrent.

Homeowners might also want to invest in a home safe to keep small valuables such as jewellery secure. It is also a good idea to mark property; in the event it is stolen, it would be easy to identify as yours if it is recovered. Moreover, valuable items such as laptops shouldn’t be kept in view of windows.

Sheds And Outbuildings

In addition, property owners are advised to keep sheds and any other form of outbuilding locked to help deter thieves, and again be careful not to leave expensive items where they can be seen, as these will be attractive to thieves. It’s advisable to make sure that things like tools aren’t easy to access, as they could possibly be used to assist in a break in.

Future Security

The month ended by taking a look at the future of security. The latest technology has offered us many new advances and this extends to new security devices that can help to keep the home more secure.  For additional peace of mind, it is a good idea to research some of the latest gadgets that are now available.

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01/10/15 By Simon Walsh
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